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Change, change, change.

My dad just turned 100 last week! Good genes, huh? Lucky, I'd say! One of his favorite comments is "change, change, change." And in his long life, he has seen a lot of it. As a child he used to run after the horse drawn ice carts for a chip of ice in the summer. Now of course he goes to the freezer to get a few ice-cubes to cool off. He is generally pleased about many changes -- those that improve safety and comfort, for example, are good. But he will also acknowledge that sometimes change is hard - coming too fast, coming at an inconvenient time, or being too dramatic. He does have a bit of advice for us all:

1) change happens. no stopping it. stay positive about it.

2) find a way to integrate the best of it into your life and business. be open and work with it.

3) let it help you grow in ways you never imagined.