High Touch Marketing Marketing promo

Social media has taken hold of our imaginations when it comes to marketing ideas. That’s good in some ways… not so good in others. Now that people are using their cell phones at least as often as their computers to check personal emails and receive marketing messages, are you really getting your entire brand or business message across on a screen and maybe a very tiny one? Is the best way to connect with your customer really found in the middle of reminders for appointments, notices from cell phone carriers and pictures of other peoples’ kids and pets? Of course you have to participate in social media but it should not be the only marketing program you have. It should not be the only way your customers and you connect.

Keep in mind that some of the easiest and most popular marketing tools can come from your home printer or through a local or online print shop. Putting something real, right into your customers’ hands is still very important. Here are a few ideas of tangible items that you can hand out and from which you can reap many rewards – the first of which might be a smile and a thank you!

Business cards – Let your customers in on a secret… your name.

Refer a friend cards – Reward existing customers and attract new ones with an incentive by handing out a card that helps everyone mention you by name and send new business your way.

Frequent buyer cards – Reward dedication from your customers by giving them a reward for coming back to your shop over and over again. Reward each visit or reward hitting levels of spending. Your choice. Their loyalty!

Magnets – If you want to be remembered at home… get up on the refrigerator with a magnet where your name will be seen many times a day!

All of these things are low cost – but high touch — and for small businesses that depend on local traffic, repeat customers and an intimate connection, that “tangibility” can be worth its weight in gold