About RetailVisioning

Chris showed me how to re-organize 

displays in my sweets-shop so I could add new product lines.  Adding homemade ice cream and cookies  to my famous cupcakes was just the  ticket for attracting NEW customers!

RetailVisioning  helped me set policies  and  professionally manage the stylists at my hair salon.  Using new marketing tools  I also was able to bring more clients in for them.  Now I have the confidence to lead and grow.  With RetailVisioning's help we increased our revenue by  20% in the first year.

Our city took a "block-shine" approach to a critically important  

block of 6 stores on Main Street with Technical Assistance from RetailVisioning. Chris' help ranged from signage updates & window displays to  marketing and event planning. She  connected easily with our storefront business owners and was a very effective teacher, helpmate and coach for all of us.  At the end of this initiative we hosted a 2 day grand re-opening event to share our revitalized "gateway to downtown." 

Principal of RetailVisioning, Christine Moynihan, is an experienced retail consultant and small business coach.  She has more years of retail marketing experience than she cares to admit, but they have all contributed something special to what she can share with business owners and community planners now.  From her early years at a design firm creating visual merchandising and promotional programs, to her years at Clarks footwear as Brand Director and VP of Retail Marketing for North America, to her hands-on work consulting with 700+ Main Street businesses in communities large and small, she has seen and done it all.    

Chris has a deep and abiding respect for the hard work independent retailers do. She knows the work is demanding... sometimes frustrating...often lonely. She also knows it can be extremely rewarding.  Customers and communities thrive when downtown small businesses succeed.  She provides professional advice, practical recommendations and that special shot of confidence that comes from having a friend in the business.  Chris and her talented team of associates - former retailers, architects, graphic and web designers, and restaurant marketing specialists -  are ready to help small businesses improve one store at a time and help downtowns improve -- store by store by store.